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How Predictive Analytics Can Combat the Zika Virus

Editor’s Note: Damian Mingle is a data scientist with Nashville-based health analytics firm WPC Healthcare and has significant experience mapping the West Nile virus for communities struggling to contain the mosquito population that carries it.  The World Health organization recently declared a public health emergency in connection with the Zika virus outbreak. No locally transmitted Zika virus … Read More


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Bruce Johnson

5 Healthcare Supply Chain Trends to Watch in 2016

For the past several years, spurred by regulatory healthcare reform and the overarching need to make the industry more sustainable, the healthcare supply chain has evolved from simply a transaction-driven process into a strategic, data-driven operation. As a result, the healthcare supply chain acts as a backbone for the industry’s drive to reduce costs while simultaneously … Read More

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The Role of Secure Messaging in the Digital Health Revolution

The Role of Secure Messaging in the Digital Health Revolution

  While the world focuses on holograms and telemedicine, secure communication technology is making what could arguably be considered the most profound impact on the healthcare system. It’s less Sci-Fi than robotic surgery. Less Silicon Valley than a virtual visit. But secure messaging technology is addressing the most fundamental need within the healthcare system: effective … Read More