Medlio Unveils Virtual Health Insurance Card App To Enhance Patient Experience

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Digital health startup, Medlio, today announced the launch of its secure virtual health insurance card app that connects patients directly with their doctors and insurance companies all on one simple communications platform.

Medlio Unveils Virtual Health Insurance Card App To Enhance Patient ExperienceFor patients, Medlio’s mobile health app provides real-time access to health benefits information, including progress towards their deductibles and expected copays or coinsurances for various services with just a few taps on their smart phone.. The app also provides a centralized location for creating, storing, and sharing their medical data.

For providers, the web-based application enables doctors to give patients up front cost estimates for a transparent transaction at the point of service.


Medlio is aiming to create a better consumer healthcare experience through a patient/provider communication channel to support greater patient engagement. Insurance information is accessed via standard clearinghouses using ANSI X12 270/271 transactions for realtime eligibility verification.

The cloud-based solution can readily support direct integration to EMR/PM systems to enable a broader suite of communication functionality, including scheduling, lab results delivery, balance billing, as well as Blue Button Plus and CCD/CCR integration.

Tackling the Rise in High Deductible Health Plans

Medlio Unveils Virtual Health Insurance Card App To Enhance Patient ExperienceDavid Brooks, Medlio co-founder and CEO developed the idea for Medlio after starting and managing a primary care practice for several years. He realized the lack of cost transparency and antiquated billing processes were a critical problem for healthcare consumers as the rise in High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) shift more and more of the healthcare costs onto them.

This year, 66 percent of companies with 1,000 employees or more offered at least one HDHP. That number is expected to jump to 80 percent by next year. According to Towers Watson, by this time next year, one out of every four big employers will only offer HDHPs.

“Yesterday’s patients are swiftly becoming tomorrow’s consumers as more of the cost and responsibility of their care falls upon them. It’s become critical to simplify and clarify the healthcare check in and payment process. This is a problem both patients and providers desperately need solved now,” said Brooks.

One of Medlio’s first provider customers, Tiffany Marum, MD, states,“the new medical consumers are taking an active rather than a passive role in their personal healthcare. They expect a better experience. If their expectations are not met, consumers will seek care elsewhere and share their negative experience with others. We expect this app to help us engage our patients in a dialogue about their care.”

According to Brooks, a number of providers have already signed up and the company is working to get all the providers onto the system.

To use the service, patients download the Medlio app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or visit the Medlio website ( Registration is a quick three-step process. Patients just enter their name, insurance plan, and their primary provider. Medlio then shows real-time health plan benefits information, along with the ability to share insurance details and medical forms data with their providers.

Providers can register with Medlio at and payers can register at to signup for the wait list.

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