>Specialty Article: AMA Report: Standardized EMR Would "Stifle Innovation"


At the 2009 Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates referred Resolution 624-A-09, “Standardized 
User Interface for all Electronic Medical Records.” The resolution was introduced by the 
Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) and asked that our American Medical Association 
1. Promote the development and universal adoption of a standardized user interface for all 
Electronic Medical Records (EMRs); and 
2. Advocate for a federal mandate for interoperability of EMRs as part of our health care reform agenda; and 
3. Working with other stakeholders, take a leading role in the evaluation, adoption and uniform utilization of a single, standardized user interface of EMRs, to promote safety, and improve the quality of care.
Board of Trustees (BOT) Report 19-A-10 was prepared in response to Resolution 624 and was also 
referred back to the BOT. This report provides an overview of the current environment of 
electronic medical records, factors influencing adoption including standardized interface design, 
relevant AMA policy, and recommendations revised with the input of the OMSS.  
– View the AMA Board of Trustees report (.pdf)

2 Responses to >Specialty Article: AMA Report: Standardized EMR Would "Stifle Innovation"

  1. >Great article! thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed reading it.-mel-

  2. EMR says:

    >It is very much an improved state of affairs when with electronic maintenance of records.There is more precision and better handling of the patients in respect to time and accuracy.

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