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Why Data Sharing Is Vital to the Healthcare Revolution

Editor’s Note: J.T. Treadwell is the Managing Director at Symphony Technology Group, a private equity firm where he focuses on analytics and healthcare technology. He has led a variety of Symphony investments, including health care IT companies Evidera, Symphony Performance Health, and Symphony Health Solutions.  The Affordable Care Act is the most far-reaching healthcare legislation … Read More


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10 Mandatory Issues for Physicians to Watch in 2015

Is Primary Care Dead?

There are close to a quarter million primary care physicians in the U.S., more than any other individual specialty, and about half the total number of all specialists combined. Yet, somehow, primary care seems to lack the power and social influence necessary to chart its own professional course. As the availability and granularity of specialist … Read More

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Value-based Care

How to Win with Value-based Care: Developing Your Practice’s EHR Strategy

There’s no denying it, Value-based Care has arrived. In this white paper, you will discover high-level insights about the evolving value-based care environment and how ambulatory practices are shifting to align. Several major trends are driving ambulatory practices to focus on value and maintain a competitive edge. These include: – Patient-centric, value-based care – Consumer demand … Read More