Ochsner Health Launches Innovation Accelerator to Revolutionize Patient Centered Care


On Thursday at the Health Innovation Summit at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW), Ochsner Health System announced the launch of an innovation accelerator called iO designed to support and partner with companies working to revolutionize patient-centered care, NOLA first reports. Through the accelerator, patient-centered care solutions for both patients and providers can be tested, validated, funded and launched.  The new accelerator will focus on developing entirely new ways for providers
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Google Granted Patent for Smart Contact Lens for Diabetes

7 Google Ventures Poised to Revolutionize Healthcare

On Tuesday, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted Google a patent for a smart contact lens that can monitor a wearer’s blood sugar levels. Last year, Google teamed up with European drug maker Novartis to develop a smart contact lens prototype that uses miniature sensors and a micro-thin radio antenna to track glucose levels that can then be uploaded to a mobile device and monitored by patient and physician alike. As part of the partnership, Novartis’ Alcon eyecare unit would continue to
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Samsung, TeleHealth Services Unveil Smart TV Patient Engagement Solution


Today, TeleHealth Services, a provider of hospital televisions and interactive patient engagement solutions, announced through their partnership with Samsung, the completion of a new patient engagement solution called SmarTigr. The solution utilizes the Smart TV functionality of the Samsung healthcare televisions combined with the clinical features of TeleHealth’s iTigr patient engagement solution. With the upcoming announcement of the meaningful use stage 3 criteria, innovative hospitals are
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Philips, Mount Sinai To Create Digital Pathology Repository

Philips, Mount Sinai To Create Digital Pathology Repository

Today, Philips announced a joint development agreement with the Mount Sinai Health System to create a digital image pathology repository containing the digital scans of patient tissue slides and data analytics to pursue the discovery of new tissue-based tests and unlock pathology data. The collaboration aims to advance clinical research and ultimately enable better care for complex diseases, including cancer. Terms of this collaboration agreement were managed by Mount Sinai Innovation Partners,
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Survey: 5 Millennial Trends Altering the Delivery of Healthcare

Wearable Technology in Healthcare_Connected Digital Fitness Trackers

Advances in healthcare technology is altering the future delivery of healthcare and insurance for the next generation of younger patients known as millennials, according to a new consumer survey by PNC Healthcare. The survey of more than 5,000 consumers nationwide explored the impact of patient-centered care among various age groups, including millennials (ages 21-32), Generation X or Gen-Xers (ages 33-49), baby boomers (ages 50-71) and seniors (age 72+). Five growing trends among
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SC BlueCross Offers Rally Health’s Digital Health Platform to Group Accounts

rally health

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina announced it will begin offering Rally Health's digital health platform to group accounts this month to provide members with the support and tools they need to better manage their health and well-being. The HIPAA-compliant platform leverages the power of personal health data, social networking, and gamification to drive behavior change that make it fun and easy for people to lead healthier lifestyles. How It Works It starts with an online survey that
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Cleveland Clinic Taps Theranos for Innovative Lab Testing


Cleveland Clinic and Theranos Inc. have formed a long-term strategic alliance designed to improve patient care through innovation utilizing Theranos’ CLIA-certified laboratory services. Under the new alliance, Cleveland Clinic’s best-in-class pathology team in the Robert J. Tomsich Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Institute will collaborate with Theranos to provide advanced clinical diagnostic services and, over time, implement Theranos’ groundbreaking, CLIA-certified laboratory services within
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Survey: Digitally Engaged Patients Are Satisfied With Their Health

6 Mobile Health Apps for Healthcare Professionals or Patients

Digitally engaged patients are satisfied with their health despite the fact they appear to be sicker than those not using technology to help manage their conditions, according to new research findings from Klick Health, Google, and the Digital Health Coalition. The findings revealed 18% of chronic patients who frequently use digital technologies for health reasons, 70% define the state of their health as good, very good, or excellent – even though 43% admitted to visiting a hospital
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Stanford, GE Ventures Launch Evidation Health to Validate Digital Health Tools

Stanford, GE Ventures Launch Evidation Health

Today, GE Ventures and Stanford Health Care has announced the launch of Evidation Health, an independent digital health company focused on validating real-world clinical and economic evidence for digital health products and platforms. According to digital health seed fund Rock Health, more than $4B was invested in over 250 digital health companies in 2014 alone. As this new breed of digital health tools and technologies enter the market, these new products have not been validated to provide
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Survey: Top 5 Digital Health Tools for Tech-Savvy Seniors


An estimated 3.9 million Americans are reaching 65 years old this year, there's growing demand among seniors (67 percent) who want digital health tools for accessing care services from home, according to an Accenture survey. The consumer research conducted by Accenture between May and June 2014 with 10,730 adults across 10 countries reveals seniors who place a higher priority on technology are more likely to proactively manage their health. For example, 75 percent of seniors who value
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