Survey: Top 5 Digital Health Tools for Tech-Savvy Seniors


An estimated 3.9 million Americans are reaching 65 years old this year, there's growing demand among seniors (67 percent) who want digital health tools for accessing care services from home, according to an Accenture survey. The consumer research conducted by Accenture between May and June 2014 with 10,730 adults across 10 countries reveals seniors who place a higher priority on technology are more likely to proactively manage their health. For example, 75 percent of seniors who value
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Mayo Clinic to Publish Its Algorithms to Improve Patient Outcomes

Mayo Clinic Study Reveals Patient Portals Had Little impact on Face to Face Visits

On Wednesday, Mayo Clinic announced it will commercialize its analytics, publishing and sharing algorithms with healthcare enterprises to improve patient outcomes. Utilizing Apervita's secure self-service health analytics platform, healthcare enterprises can leverage Mayo Clinic's robust portfolio of health analytics to improve patient care. Mayo Clinic will join other prominent health institutions in the growing Apervita analytics community of providers who are already utilizing the
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66% of Americans Would Use Mobile Health Apps to Manage Their Health

mobile health apps

Almost two-thirds (66%) of Americans would use a mobile app to manage health-related issues, according to the findings released today from the 5th Annual Makovsky/Kelton "Pulse of Online Health" Survey. Conducted in January 2015 to 1,015 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and older by Kelton, the Makovsky Health survey investigated consumers' behavior and preferences for engaging with online healthcare information. The survey uncovered shifts in consumer behaviors around online
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Cleveland Clinic, Cox Partner to Deliver Telehealth & Home Health Solutions

Vivre Health

Broadband and cable TV provider, Cox Communications and Cleveland Clinic have announce the formation of Vivre Health, a strategic alliance to bring world-class healthcare to the home through innovative telehealth and home health solutions. The joint venture will help further increase Cox's market footprint by expanding into healthcare to provide remote patient monitoring, telehealth visits and other in-home monitoring and treatment services via broadband. The cable TV provider already
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Walgreens Adds Patient-Reported Data from PatientsLikeMe Members

FINAL Walgreens Image for 2-18-15

    PatientsLikeMe is now working with Walgreens to help make it easier for people to understand how the medications they take may affect them. Now, anyone researching a medication or filling a prescription on can access a newly enhanched dashboard that shows how their prescribed medication has impacted other patients on the therapy, including medication side effects for more than 5,000 medications , as reported by PatientsLikeMe members.   PatientsLikeMe is a
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The Uberization of Healthcare

The Uberization of Healthcare

Editor's Note: Stuart Karten is the principal of Karten Design, a product innovation consultancy creating positive experiences between people and products specializing in health technology. This post was adapted from a speech given at MD&M West on Feb. 12.  The Uber business model will soon come to healthcare.  Just as Uber changed transportation in positive—and sometimes controversial—ways, healthcare will be infiltrated by startups wanting to change the healthcare model from
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8 Millennial Trends Shaping the Future of Digital Health

8 Key Trends on How Millennials Perception of Digital Health

While traditional communication channels remain popular among older patients, the next generation of younger patients known as millennials are interested in utilizing more digital health tools to enhance their patient experience, according to a recent Salesforce report. The “State of the Connected Patient” report, which surveyed more than 1,700 Americans who have health insurance and a primary care doctor to examines how patients are currently connecting with their providers, as well as their
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Can Esther Dyson’s Way to Wellville Challenge Improve Population Health?

Esther Dyson Way to Wellville Intiative

It may not be a proper clinical trial, but the Way to Wellville is the beginning of something transformative for health. Esther Dyson explains. Do you know the way to Wellville? If not, Esther Dyson hopes to point you in the right direction. Dyson, a journalist and technology investor turned wellness enthusiast, is on a mission to better health by rethinking and recreating the environment in which it can thrive. It’s a tall task, but Dyson isn’t doing it alone. In fact, she wants you to take
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5 Recent Digital Health Innovations

Digital Health Innovations

This post brought to you by HP Matter. The content and opinions expressed below are that of HIT Consultant. What is the future of healthcare innovation? Today, massive technological shifts – driven by big data, mobility, security and cloud computing – are rapidly transforming business and society. Entire industries are being completely transformed, and healthcare is one of them. These trends are unlocking new possibilities for hospitals, researchers, doctors and patients. Here are five recent
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Google Partners with Mayo Clinic to Improve Health-Related Search Content

Google Mayo Clinic Knowledge Graph

59% of U.S. adults say they use the Internet to research and gather health information with approximately 35% of those adults end up using the information they find to diagnose themselves, according to the Pew Research Center. To improve the quality of health-related search content, Google is introducing structured, curated, and verified health information information into its Knowledge Graph smart search algorithm. To ensure consumers receive accurate information, Google has partnered with the
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