BREAKING: House Passes SGR ‘Doc Fix’; ICD-10 Delayed to 2015

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Despite push back from AHIMA and doctors groups, the House of Representatives passed a temporary fix to the sustainable growth rate (SGR) for one year that also delays ICD-10 until 2015. The controversial bill also postpones the “two-midnight rule”and recovery audits of medically unnecessary claims until March 2015.

The Senate still needs to approve the bill before the Congress’ deadline of midnight on Monday, March 31.

AHIMA’s Call to Action 

In a letter addressed to board alumni, Mollie Pillman, MS, CSSBB, RHIA, Senior Director of Strategy & Transformation of AHIMA wrote:

“The SGR patch has now passed in the House by voice vote and will go to the Senate. At this time we do not know when that will be (likely before April 4th) or what process it will follow to get there.

We can use your help to let members know that the bill passed in the House and we are looking to defeat it in the Senate – we did a great job yesterday but now need to hit it twice as hard! AHIMA will:

  • Update the website, Advocacy Assistant, and Robo-calls
  • Craft standalone communications (such as e-Alert)
  • Update the JAHIMA site with the latest breaking news
  • Leverage Social Media  focusing on Senate leadership (please follow @AHIMAResources if you do not already!)”

More on this story as it develops…


    are you kidding me…where I work we are busting our butts to get reading for 10/1/14 implementation of ICD-10 which promises to be a lot more specific on assigning an exact code to a diagnosis, only to have these bozos in congress delay it again…by the time it gets here, ICD-11 will be rolling out, but they’ll probably delay that another 7 years too…