Health Risk Assessments Are A Powerful Component of Population Health Management (Infographic)

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Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are a powerful component of population health management strategies for healthcare organizations. Therefore, it is important for executives to stay informed on this evolving aspect of healthcare.

Eligibility for HRAs now extends beyond employees and health plan members to spouses, significant others and in many cases, dependents over 18. HRA participation tied to health insurance premiums is also a growing trend.

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessments documents these trends and many others with a wealth of actionable information from more than 120 healthcare organizations on their use of HRAs.

The industry snapshot is enhanced with guidance from industry thought leaders on the necessity of health risk assessment and stratification prior to launching a population health management program.

A HIN survey conducted this year showed that 70 percent of healthcare organizations use HRAs to measure health risk factors, and 52 percent plan to launch an HRA in the coming year.

Actionable data regarding HRAs and PHM programs is also depicted in a new infographic shown below from the Healthcare Intelligence Network. The infographic illustrates the data on who uses HRAs, HRA eligibility, completion rates, target populations, HRA formats and coverage, and more.

Health Risk Assessments Are A Powerful Component of Population Health Management (Infographic)

The 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Risk Assessmentsreport provides detailed data on:

  • Eligibility requirements, drilling down to significant others and dependents over 18;
  • Areas covered by health risk assessments, including lifestyle risk factors, health perceptions, readiness to change, and more;
  • The top five uses for HRA data;
  • The impact of HRAs on healthcare cost, utilization, wellness program enrollment, health outcomes and ROI and much more.

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