Infographic: How Telehealth Is Connecting Patients & Providers

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Telehealth has the potential to change the face of healthcare considerably. Rising healthcare costs, aging population and healthcare reform initiatives focused on value based care is driving need for more technology make health information more accessible and shareable.

Today, patients are more and more connected and healthcare professionals benefits form this as they are now able to remotely monitor their patients. In fact, 35% of adverse events may have been avoided if doctors had access to all patient information.

The following infographic created by Orange Healthcare illustrates how telehealth is connecting patients and providers improving care and quality of life for patients.

Infographic: How Telehealth Connects Patients & Healthcare Professionals

Source: Orange Healthcare

Orange Healthcare uses its communication and integration expertise to create shared perspectives and synergies across the healthcare ecosystem.
By providing healthcare professionals and patients alike with products and services that enable the secure access and seamless transmission of information, Orange Healthcare is helping to build a better, more efficient healthcare system. We call this joining up healthcare.

Orange Healthcare applies its expertise to three main areas of focus: health professionals services, health management services and wellness and prevention.
Securized medical data hosting, enhanced patient journey in digital hospitals, chronic diseases remote monitoring, telemedicine and telehealth services, home care services for elderly people are some examples of Orange Healthcare services.