Experian Health Integrates with Epic’s EMR for Revenue Cycle Optimization

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Revenue cycle provider Experian Health announced that its Coverage Discovery® on demand tool is now integrated into Epic’s EMR environment. The integration will provide Epic clients with additional opportunities to find coverage early in the revenue cycle, avoiding the downstream complications and costs associated with missed insurance coverage.

Coverage Discovery enables Experian Health clients to proactively reclassify uncompensated care by alerting them of patient coverage across both government and commercial payers using advanced analytics, and our proprietary coverage-optimization engine. 

“By adding the on demand option, Experian Health clients can now run Coverage Discovery within their Epic workflow, which will help to reduce errors, save time and ultimately improve their revenue cycle. Every dollar found in our proactive, automated Coverage Discovery solution is a dollar that our clients are not spending chasing patients for payments, paying for expensive collection agencies or writing off as bad debt,” said Scott Bagwell, president of Experian Health.

Coverage Discovery provides significant results for more than 300 Experian Health clients with batch and on demand options across multiple EMR systems. In 2015, Coverage Discovery found previously unidentified coverage associated with more than $1.1 billion in charges.

According to Murry Ford, director, revenue strategy, at Grady Health System:

“Coverage Discovery consistently delivers value to our organization. Since the June 2015 go-live of the batch product and the November 2015 go-live of the on demand product, Coverage Discovery has protected $2.3 million in reimbursement, $509,000 of which resulted from Coverage Discovery on demand queries for inpatient admissions over a two-month period. Leveraging a solution like Coverage Discovery on demand enables us to proactively notify payers of an admission within minutes of the patient’s arrival, when previously those opportunities might have been missed.”