Infographic: 6 Shocking Facts About Your Medical Records

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Do you really know what happens to your medical records? The following infographic created by Hello Doctor illustrates six staggering facts about your medical records and what happens when your doctor really needs them.

Infographic: 6 Shocking Facts About Your Medical Records

Source Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor believes that patients must take control over their medical records to ensure your doctor provides the best care. The first key steps to becoming an active patient is start by asking your doctor for copies of your medical records and make sure you understand them.

About Hello Doctor

Hello Doctor™ is a mobile solution that enables you to control your health by managing medical records from multiple sources in one place and providing real-time access to all your health information.Hello Doctor™ gives you a complete view of your current (and past) medical condition, and tools to help you understand what it all means. Having a deeper understanding of your health, encourages you to be more engaged, make better decisions and gain control of your health.

Hello Doctor is now available for your iPad

Featured image credit: Raoul Pop via cc