Patient Engagement in the Era of Health Care Reform

Thought you might find this interesting


David Longworth, MD, chair of the Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic provides his insights on “The Imperative of Patient Engagement in the Era of Healthcare Reform and Practice Transformation” during the recent Massachusetts Medical Society 2013

Key highlights include:

  • Activating patients to succeed in this new paradigm shift in healthcare
  • Why patient engagement matters and the evidence to support it.
  • Economic imperatives for patient engagement
  • Patients are vital to fixing healthcare
  • Drivers of improving patient engagement
  • Patients should serve as vital partners in improving our healthcare

  • Max

    If you want the patient to get engaged then make them pay their HC bills directly. The further you move people away from their money, the less engaged they will be and that’s exactly what employer managed and even worse gov’t managed health insurance does.