Medikly Accelerates Digital Pharma Marketing: Announces Relationship Expansion With Inventiv Health

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Medikly expands relationship with Incentiv Health to jumpstart digital pharma marketing. 

On Tuesday, Medikly, provider of physician engagement solutions announced the expansion of its relationship with Incentiv Health, provider of best-in-class clinical, commercial, and consulting services to the biopharmaceutical industry. This relationship gives marketers real-time, multichannel insights into the digital behaviors and needs of physicians and helps accelerate the pharmaceutical industry’s race into digital marketing.Back in June, the company announced a partnership with Inventiv Health for use of the platform in clinical trials. This expansion agreement will extend the use of the platform into commercialization.

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Medikly Accelerates Digital Pharma Marketing

Medikly helps healthcare marketers identify healthcare providers (HCPs) online and measure their interactions on websites, in emails, on social media channels, and on mobile to optimize multichannel marketing campaigns. The company’s platform helps uncover the online behaviors of HCPs, map their influence among peers, and provide insights into engagement patterns on different channels, among different audiences, and by specialties. An understanding of HCP profiles and preferences enables marketers to personalize messaging, increase targeting, and design new tactics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their multichannel marketing campaigns.

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Growing Need for Digital Pharma Marketing 

In the past there has been a disconnect between healthcare organizations and the explosion of HCPs adopting mobile and social technology tools/processes. With this change, the pharma industry is striving to keep pace with the digital behaviors and needs of HCPs.

To stay relevant, healthcare organizations must manage enormous amounts of fragmented data, understand its implications then generate insights to optimize messages, media channels, and relationships. Many healthcare companies remain unprepared to leverage data-driven insights and incorporate social into their marketing, missing opportunities to better connect with their customers.

Medikly Accelerates Digital Pharma Marketing

According to new 2013 pharma marketing benchmarks, online pharmaceutical marketing continues to have a positive impact on brand awareness and conversion among patients and prospects increasing the conversion lift rates across various medication categories.

“We all know there has been an explosion in the number of digital channels and an overwhelming increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of digital data being generated. With Medikly, inVentiv will be better able to provide its clients with the digital engagement preferences of HCPs that in turn will help its clients make decisions faster and develop deeper, more engaged relationships,” says Venkat Gullapalli, MD, CEO and Founder of Medikly.

“This alliance enables Medikly to leverage inVentiv’s  significant reach in this space and provides us access to a deep understanding of the way healthcare providers interact with content, whether online or off, via mobile or social, and will ultimately help marketers understand the where, when, and how to optimize their marketing spend.”