New Smartphone Headset for Quantified Self Launches Indiegogo Campaign

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BreathResearch launches Indiegogo campaign for their quantified self smartphone headset as part of the Philips Next Big Thing Innovation Fellows Competition. 

BreathResearch, a San Francisco based startup and innovator in acoustic analytics of breathing, recently announced the launch of their Indiegogo campaign as part of the Philips Next Big Thing Innovation Fellows Challenge with its Breath Acoustics All-in-One (A-i-O ) Headset.

New Smartphone Headset for Quantified Self Launches Indiegogo Campaign

This innovative quantified self headset pairs with a mobile app and is designed to bring the same physiological data and power that elite athletes use to perform better, sleep better and recover from injury or illness. The headset combines acoustic and optic sensors offering:

  • Acoustic breath pattern analysis
  • Heart Rate
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Altitude, Location and Barometric Pressure data

Through data collection and analysis, the headset gives users a more comprehensive picture of their health and fitness status, wherever they are.

It also utilizes new parameters of respiration, along with heart rate data to determine optimal levels of relaxation and important metabolic thresholds that athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to improve their workouts, training, event performance and recovery. So far, the startup has raised over $12,000 in the first few days of the campaign.

Phillips has partnered with Indiegogo to host this competition and is contributing $100,000 to the winning idea that will help bring the “Next Big Ideas” to life. The Innovation Fellows Challenge will recognize the best products, services and tangible ideas that address the key innovation opportunities of their campaign called “Living Well, Being Healthy, and Enjoying Life.”Campaign support is provided by Health Tech Hatch.

New Smartphone Headset for Quantified Self Launches Indiegogo CampaignComprised of a small group of professionals with talents and expertise in health, fitness, engineering, acoustics, business and design, BRI created a campaign goal to help make the world a healthier and happier place by fully funding the A-i-O headset  so that, together with its partner HeartZones USA, it can create personalized health and fitness recommendations to help the wearer alleviate stress, improve athletic performance, achieve weight loss goals and get better sleep.

Third-party developers will also be able and encouraged to create new apps for the A-i-O headset and platform, using the BreathResearch API.

From now until October 29, 2013, supporters can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for the BreathAcoustic A-i-O headset at: All contributions received prior to September 30 will count toward winning the competition.

According to Health Tech Hatch founder, Patricia Sallber the smartphone headset “will make FitBit seem, well sort of limited.”(The Doctor Weighs In/09/03)