Survey Reveals Top 2 Greatest Frustrations for Today’s Hospital CIOs

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The workload for hospital CIOs has outpaced compensation since HITECH, according to a new survey published by healthcare executive recruiting firm SSi-Search38 percent of respondents report their compensation annually has increased by 10 percent or less over the last four years, despite increased responsibilities and tighter deadlines.

The findings show that 44 percent of respondents report the demand on their performance has increased between 25 and 50 percent over the last four years, while 23 percent report their responsibilities have increased 50-75 percent.

The survey queried 178 CIOs at community based hospitals, integrated delivery systems and academic  medical centers exploring the CIO’s reality post-HITECH and, looking ahead, what CIOs believe the next five years will look like looking at four areas considered include:

  • Responsibilities
  • Challenges
  • Compensation
  • Career path

The findings reveal that today’s hospital CIO looks more like a COO in terms of report and budget due to the demands of HITECH requiring large scale EHR implementations. According to the survey, the “typical” CIO is a highly educated male who has served in the role for 10 years and earns $286,000.

When asked, what is their greatest frustration, the respondents identified their top two greatest frustrations for today’s hospital CIOs:

1. Attaining more and/or better qualified resources. Having the right team and resources is critical to the success of hospital CIOs.

2. Lack of strategic involvement. 24 percent of respondents felt strategic involvement with other executives on key initiatives is limited.

For more information, view the full survey here

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