4 Steps to Achieving Patient Centered Medical Home Transformation

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 i2i Systems white paper outlines a four step roadmap to patient centered medical home success (PCMH), sustainability and value based care for health organizations. 

The complexities of the patient centered medical home transformation can leave health care organizations overwhelmed.  Its extensive process with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) requires that healthcare organizations must successfully adopt new policies and procedures that align with open access, care team coordination, referral management, and continuous quality improvement.

To assist organizations with their patient centered medical home transformation,  i2i Systems, provider of population health management solutions has released the white paper, Lost in Transformation: A Roadmap to PCMH Success, Stability, & Value-Based Care written by Rhonda Metze, Vice President at i2i Systems; Shannon Nielson, Product and Compliance Manager at Health Partners Consulting.  The paper offers healthcare organizations with a number of insights to start the process, sustain efforts and achieve PCMH success.

Included in the paper is a proven four step approach to achieving patient centered medical home transformation:

1. Engagement – The foundation of the transformation process requiring buy-in from the key stakeholders and leadership.  Success of the transformation is heavily dependent on engagement.

2. Activation– Key step in organizing and ensuring healthcare organization have the right resources, tools and training. Movement in activation and transformation is greatest when people understand their impact, role, and responsibilities.

3. Transformation– Interactive step where all organizations must utilize the tools, study the results, act to spread or try again and document the progress. Open and honest communication along with participation with key stakeholders is critical to successful transformation.

4. Sustainability– The last and most difficult step as your organization must effectively maintain its infrastructure, while simultaneously remaining flexible.

The PCMH transformation can result in an efficient, reliable workflow and management strategy that will provide improved patient outcomes, and provider and patient satisfaction over the long-term.

White paper is available for view/download here

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Thought you might find this interesting


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