Infographic: 8 Innovative Technologies Transforming Digital Health

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Infographic visualization created by MeMD highlights 8 new innovative technology transforming digital health to reduce costs and improve consumer healthcare. 

The quantified self movement is in full swing with 69% of U.S. adults keep track of at least one health indicator such as weight, diet, exercise routine, or symptom according to Pew Internet and American Life Project’s report back in January. Of those, half track “in their heads,” one-third keep notes on paper, and one in five use technology to keep tabs on their health status. Research by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services shows national health care expenditures are nearing $3 trillion dollars per year.

In an effort to reduce rising healthcare costs and improve patient care, digital health is emerging as a key driver in the transformation of healthcare. Healthcare organizations and  payers are quickly integrating digital health tools for healthcare professionals and consumers. Healthcare insurance giant, Aetna recently launched their digital health and wellness platform, CarePass that features  a growing catalog of more than 20 market-leading consumer apps, including iTriage, BodyMedia®, Fitbug®, UP by JawboneTM, LoseIt!, and Withings.

Learn about eight game-changing technologies transforming digital health in the infographic shown below created by MeMD, provider of effective & accurate urgent medical care online. 

Infographic: 8 Innovative Technologies Transforming Digital Health

Infographic highlights:
1. Heart Attack Detecting Implant

2. Webcam Personal Training

3. Physical Exam Scanner

4. Online Doctor Visits

5. Extreme Sports Tracker

6. Biosensor “Tattoo”

7. Medical Social Network

8. Urine Home Testing

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