Infographic: Will Connected Health Save the Healthcare Industry?

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Infographic visualization highlights how connected health is transforming the medical device ecosystem to include access and mobility outside the hospital setting created by Jabil, leading provider of medical design & manufacturing solutions.

Will Connected Health Save the Healthcare Industry?

What is Connected Health?

Connected Health enables caregivers to make more informed decisions for an enhanced quality of care and better management of diseases. It reduces medical errors and improves administration efficiency and coordination. As patients continue taking more responsibility for their health, when a patient and physician connect by cell phone or Internet, patient motivation increases and therapy outcome improves. Doctors and medical staff are able to diagnose and treat rural residents from medical facilities far away from them and communicate messages via cell phone, text or Internet to their patients

According to a report by Research2Guidance, more than 3.4 billion people will have smartphones or tablets with access to mobile health apps and 50 percent of them will have downloaded health apps. The advances in mobile technology and the growing connected health movement are opening up new ways to create more efficient, timely and convenient medical care that, hopefully, will make a real impact on saving the healthcare system.

How will your current device roadmaps change with the advent of consumer platforms (smartphones, tablets, home gateways) and cloud diagnostics?

Featured image credit: Jabil