Clinicians Use 6.4 Different Mobile Devices Daily On Average

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Mobile devices among healthcare professionals has exploded over the last few years. On average, clinicians use 6.4 different mobile devices in a day on average according to IDC Healthcare Insights Study. Mobile health devices provide healthcare professionals with the ability to facilitate smoother workflows and help boost productivity.

Recent data breaches have raised additional security concerns as doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are bringing their own mobile devices to work accessing patient information. Earlier this year, the PwC Health Research Institute identified the need for mobile security as part of their top ten issues hospitals will face in 2013. The report also found that 69% of the consumers surveyed said they were concerned about the privacy of their medical information if providers accessed the data on their mobile devices.

Just like healthcare organizations take a holistic approach in caring for patients, they need to think through and implement a comprehensive clinical mobility solution. Beyond the devices, healthcare organizations should consider mobile strategies for issues such as management, end-user support, networking and application development.  According to PwC, only 46 percent of hospitals have a security strategy to regulate the use of mobile devices.

To fully comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, recommends steps that providers can take to prevent data breaches from mobile devices

The infographic shown below created by CDW Healthcare highlights the trends in clinical mobility and how establishing a clinical mobility strategy can help improve quality of care, communication, and convenience.  For more information about clinical mobility solutions, visit

Clinicians Use 6.4 Different Mobile Devices In A Day On Average