Infographic: 5 Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare

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CDW Healthcare infographic highlights 5 healthcare IT trends that are transforming healthcare. 

Earlier this year, CDW Healthare, provider of technology solutions and services for the healthcare marketplace released their Health Tech Report identifying 10 trends that will impact healthcare IT in 2013 and beyond.

To accompany their report, they have created infographic shown below that summarizes some of the healthcare IT trends transforming healthcare in 2013 and beyond. The 5 trends highlighted in this infographic are:

1. Mobile Networking

Extended care e-visits and home telehealth are among the 11 emerging technologies that have the potential to improve care and lower costs for patients with chronic disease.

2. Desktop virtualization

The adoption of desktop virtualizations in hospitls is expected  to grow by 44% in 2013 according to Imprivata’s “Desktop Virtualizaion Trends in Healthcare 2012.” Benefits include fast, highly secure data assess for mobile clinicians across shared workspaces with low maintenance.

3. Data will continue to play a role, big or small

With an eye on accountable care, many healthcare providers see big promise in analyzing the burgeoning mounds of structured and unstructured “big data.” A recent report from Frost and Sullivan predicts that while only 10% of U.S. hospitals implemented data analytics tools last year, more than half will do so by 2016, with the goal of discovering  patterns and insights helpful for improving treatment and reducing costs. But there’s also evidence that the simple data mining strategies of basic EMRs can go a long way toward improving care management.

4. Patient mobility

Helps support positive health outcomes, improved safety, adherence to meaningful use and more productive workflow. 66% of doctors use iPads or other tablets for medical purposes, up from 45% a year earlier.

5. Telehealth reins in readmissions

As the goverment continues to penalize hospitals for high readmissions rates. Telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions can help provide coordinated, personalized care, helping patients avoid the health complications that can lead  to re-hospitalization.


Infographic: Healthcare IT Trends Transforming Healthcare

The top ten trends listed in the Health Tech Report are:

  1. mHealth Crisscrosses the continuum of care
  2. Innovation at the patient bedside
  3. Meaningful progress with Meaningful Use
  4. Boom in patient-centered medical homes
  5. IT pays to mine that data, big or small
  6. Telemedicine reins in admissions
  7. Better connected to better outcomes
  8. Popularity of desktop virtualizations
  9. Home is where the care is- or will be
  10. Wearable technology