How Women Are Leading the Digital Health Startup Revolution Infographic

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Infographic highlights how women are leading the digital health startup revolution including some of the challenges, successes and innovative role models
2013 has been proclaimed the “Year of Digital Health” according to a recent article by Forbes contributor, John Nostra where he outlines 10 reasons why 2013 will be an inflection point for digital health. Leading the pack of disruption in healthcare are innovative women such as Rock Health’s CEO, Halle Tecco, Epic Systems CEO, Judith Faulkner, and prominent angel investor in digital health, Esther Dyson.

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In fact, the highest concentration of female owned enterprises is in healthcare. Women are vital to the transformation of healthcare. They play a critical role in the shaping of their families often serving as the primary caregiver providing them with great insight in understanding the key pain points in healthcare.

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In the infographic visualization shown below created by Healthcare Colleges provides a visual look at how women are nurturing the digital health startup revolution.  Key highlights of the infographic include:

  • Growth of women owned firms in healthcare
  • Obstacles women entrepreneurs face
  • Female digital health startup role models


How Women Are Leading the Digital Health Startup Revolution Infographic


Here is a non-comprehensive list of women leaders in the digital health space courtesy of Rock Health.

Research, Non-Profit, & Academic


Media & Leadership:


Health Gaming & Behavior Change




Rock Health Entrepreneurs:


Rock Health team:

Venture Capital:


Thought you might find this interesting


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