New ICD-10 Codes To Try Parody Video

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New ICD-10 codes to try parody video that highlights a few new diagnosis codes for the ICD-10 transition created by Nuesoft.

2013 marks the start of a critical year as the healthcare industry prepares for the upcoming transition to ICD-10. The subject of ICD-10 has sparked an abundance of positive and negative debates on determining the ROI with AMA (American Medical Association) leading the charge to “vigorously” stop the costly transition stating that the burden of moving to ICD-10 will lead to the closure of small practices.

Practice management and medical billing software leader, Nuesoft decided to help make that transition easy and fun so by creating a short musical parody video to highlight a few new diagnosis codes. Watch the video below and see if you can guess which codes are represented. And if you’re feeling extra confident in your ICD-10 knowledge, check out our ICD-10 code challenges to test your readiness.


Produced by
Vocals by: Olive Lynch & Will Melton
Lyrics: Blake LeGate
Animation: Suban Dey
Music: © Metro Trains Melbourne 2012

Original “Dumb Ways to Die” Video:

“New ICD-10 Codes to Try” Lyrics

Take a spill out in the snow
Hand cramps while tying a bow
Drink eggnog that’s out of date
Paper cuts from your presents cause you just can’t wait

New codes to try, so many new codes to try
New codes to try, so many new codes to try

Get shocked by a string of lights
Soar throat from singing Silent Night
Burn your mouth on apple pie
A branch from your tree pokes you in the eye

New codes to try, so many new codes to try
New codes to try, so many new codes to try

Catch a cold riding on a train
Shopping gives you a huge migraine
Get your tongue stuck to a metal pole
Nothing hurts worse than a lump of coal