peer60: Physicians are Extremely Unhappy With All Major EHR Vendors

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Physicians are extremely unhappy with all major EHR vendors, including market leader Epic, according to a new report from peer60. The report reveals physicians EHR vendor frustrations are driven by poor usability and lack of desired functionality. Other key findings include the EHR market for acute care facilities is consolidating quickly and while fragmented, Epic continues to make inroads in the ambulatory EHR market.

Report Background/Methodology

In August 2016, peer60 surveyed 1,053 physicians who gave their unique perspective on the state of the EHR market including:

• Prominent players in both ambulatory and acute EHR settings

EHR replacement market dynamics

• How EHR suppliers can save at risk clients

• Top EHR frustrations among physicians

• Plans of the ever-shrinking first-time adopter market

Other key finding from the report is illustrated in the infographic shown below: