Transforming Healthcare With Clinical NLP To Improve Patient Outcomes

Sponsored video from Clinithink describes how Clinical NLP can unlock healthcare data to improve clinical decisions at the point of care. 

The healthcare community is changing, driven by the need to make the data within patient records accessible by all users. With the healthcare system moving towards a value based delivery of care, it is now more important than ever to ensure that healthcare data is accurate, shareable and actionable.

Utilzing clinical NLP can assist healthcare organizations in improving the quality of data to successfully meet quality measures and criteria for Meaningful Use, ACOs, HIEs and patient consumerism.

This animated video describes how Clinithink’s CLiX solution, their clinical natural language processing (CNLP) technology can assist healthcare organizations in leveraging data to realize true clinical decision support and care coordination to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Clinithink’s CLiX technology enables healthcare providers and solution vendors to extract knowledge from the clinical data trapped in the free text of discharge summaries, clinical notes, and other documents. Using patent-pending algorithms and CNLP to add structure to unstructured clinical data, Clinithink’s CLiX technology enables the indexing, mapping and analyzing of clinical narrative to output rich structured data encoded to medical ontologies such as SNOMED CT, ICD-9, ICD-10 and RxNorm.

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