Practice Fusion Launches Medical Imaging API for EHR Integration

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Practice Fusion, one of the largest physician EHR providers has announced the launch of its Medical Imaging API to digitally connect imaging centers to physicians for seamless EHR integration. The API will help physicians meet the upcoming changes in the Meaningful Use federal EHR incentive program that require physicians to order and receive imaging results electronically.

Meeting the Meaningful Use requirements puts significant pressure on the $100 billion a year imaging industry to offer their services through an EHR, as pharmacies and labs have done in recent years. Practice Fusion’s API offers imaging centers the first single-interface solution capable of serving all their clients.

Practice Fusion Launches Medical Imaging API for EHR Integration

Imaging centers who connect with the API establish a single connection available to any provider who requests integration. This simple, cost-effective solution also gives hospital-based and independent imaging centers exposure to tens of thousands of referring providers looking for a digital imaging connection to fulfill Meaningful Use. Connection is free to providers and Practice Fusion’s implementation teams can rapidly integrate providers in a matter of days or weeks.

Imaging providers including Envision ImagingInglewood ImagingHouston Medical ImagingUniversal Diagnostics and Landmark Medical Center have already joined Practice Fusion’s partnership network.

Key Facts:

  • There are 7,000 licensed medical imaging centers in the US, providing x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, PET/CT scan, mammography and other diagnostic imaging services
  • Imaging centers have few digital connections with providers compared to pharmacies and labs, who were included in Meaningful Use from the start of the program
  • The upcoming stage 2 of the Meaningful Use program requires that physicians receive imaging results within an EHR and order 30% of their radiology reports electronically
  • 85 percent of medical professionals on Practice Fusion regularly order imaging studies, with a typical doctor ordering 1-2 every day and 25 percent ordering more than 10 studies a week
  • Practice Fusion’s existing lab API has enabled nearly 250 clinical labs to connect to tens of thousands of medical professionals, and the Practice Fusion platform now processes nearly one million lab orders every month and 100,000 prescriptions every day

For more information on the Medical Imaging API, visit

Thought you might find this interesting


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  • Brilliant. Glad someone’s doing this. Very glad it’s PF.

  • EHR Bubble

    One of the largest EHR’s? According to CMS data they aren’t even in the top 10 are they and have very little presence in any group practices larger than 5? Vaporware that counts the MA and counselors who use it as “providers” to sell ads to finance their EHR. If I was a patient I would never see a doc who uses it

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  • Hatcher

    What CMS data are you looking at? Practice Fusion is in the top 10 for attestations in all years (2011-now). For Stage 1 first year providers I believe they are #7.