The Future of Health Technology Over a 30 Year Span [Infographic Wednesdays]

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Future of health technology infographic  visualization that maps the next three decades of health technology

Where do you see the future of health technology moving in the next 30 years? Futurist Zappa and Patrick Schlafer, with help from Colin Popell of Prokalkeo teamed up to create a health infographic that maps the next three decades of health technology, charting how regeneration, augmentation, diagnostics, treatments, biogerontology, and telemedicine will change over time. The visualization is built on the belief that [perfect_quotes id=”8276″]

The visualization is an attempt to identify which specific technologies are most likely to affect the scenario of healthcare in the next coming decades. It is important to note when viewing the infographic that the subjectivity of certain technologies forecast and Zappa explains that [perfect_quotes id=”8279″] The infographic arranges these technologies into the following six distinct categories:

1. Augmentation

Technological replacements to human features can not only restore senses to those without , but can also enhance conventional attributes into remarkable attributes. Some of the technologies included:

  • Hybrid assisted limbs
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Exoskeletons
  • Telescopic & microscopic vision

2. Regeneration

Hopeless searches for matching donors and the irreplaceability of major organs and body parts will fade away as synthetic or grow to order organs are further developed. Some of the technologies included:

  • Synthetic blood
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Artificial vascular system
  • 3D print organs

3. Diagnostics

The development and distribution of advanced sensors will turn diagnoses from knowledgeable guesses with incomplete information into idiosyncratic, data driven procedures.  Some of the technologies included:

  • Data driven diagnostics
  • Data driven patient communities
  • Open Health Records
  • Sensors (non-invasive, at home, in-clothes)

4. Telemedicine

Global networks and mobile technologies remove the necessity for medical practitioners to be in constant physical presence of their patients to make a diagnosis or perform procedures. Some of the technologies included:

  • mHealth
  • Telemetrics
  • Virtual Triage
  • App Driven Diagnostics

5. Biogerontology

In coming decades, advances in our understanding of aging will bring us closer to slowing the aging process and to eventually conquer death. Some of the technologies included:

  • Reverse cryonics
  • Genetic engineering
  • Anti-aging drugs

6. Treatments

No longer is it sufficient to create and distribute a single miracle drug to an entire population. Treatments can be precisely targeted for a person’s unique characteristics. Some of the technologies include:

  • Anti-aging stem cell treatments
  • Gene therapy
  • Bioelectric treatments
  • Stem cell treatments


Envisioning The-Future-of-Health-Technology Infographic

  • Where is corresponding information on the enabling infrastructure that the networked healthcare ecosystem uses to communicate and transact? Would like to see an approach to document the kind of structural and efficiency changes in our infrastructure we can expect.